Industrial Photography

Showcase YOUR products and processes with our industrial photography

Industrial photography is all about showcasing the industrial processes, machinery and production techniques involved in business. It helps tell the story of your company and conveys the size and scale of your commercial operations. From products to large machinery and production lines to factories, we can capture it all with expert, commercial photography.

Obviously, you want potential clients to feel confident that you can deliver the product to suit their needs. By using high quality images that capture the best of your business, you can showcase it to potential clients. Using these images in your PR and marketing campaigns will help to highlight your products and processes above others. A commercial photographer with years of experience in the specialised field of industrial photography can help with this. In addition to creative minds and an eye for detail, Kevin Timmons Photography have an expert knowledge of lighting and angles. Hence, we can create professional, commercial images to suit your brand and help you stand out. 

By professionally lighting specific tools and machines used in your manufacturing processes, we can showcase them for you. Along with various angled shots, we can create interesting views that you may not have thought about. Using our specialist equipment, we can also capture the detail of a particular product or process from close-up. With the use of wide angle lenses or aerial photography, we can show the scale of your factory or production line. As a result, our industrial photography is able to create interest and add to your potential clients’ confidence in you. This can help them to choose you and your company above all others.

Tailored PR & Marketing Images

Our creative, commercial photography and aerial imagery is perfect for helping with all of your PR and marketing requirements. The images we produce for you can be used to promote your business on websites, in social media and print. Because we know that every business is unique, we realise that they all have different requirements for their PR and marketing. Therefore, at Kevin Timmons Photography, we will discuss your requirements in depth with you or your marketing team. Consequently, the images we create for you will be tailored specifically to your needs, showcasing your company in its best light. Initially, you can contact us to have a chat over the phone. We can then arrange a no-obligation site visit to your premises to see exactly what your requirements are and discuss how we can deliver these.

If you would like any further help or advice, then please don’t hesitate to contact us via the form on the contact page