About Kevin Timmons Photography

Kevin Timmons Photography is all about helping clients in construction, property, engineering, industry and manufacturing businesses to increase their sales and the value of their products and services through the use of creative, contemporary images.

COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY SPECIALISTS helping construction, property, industry and manufacturing businesses attract more clients with award winning phototgraphy

Creating images that enhance YOUR brand!

As SPECIALIST COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS in the property, construction, industrial and manufacturing sectors, we take images that tell the story of YOUR business. This helps to drive potential clients to make the right decision. They will be encouraged to use YOUR company and book YOUR services or purchase YOUR products with confidence.

With 37 years experience in the photographic industry and 28 of those years working commercially with Photoshop, we know what type of images help to PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS to your potential clients.


Do you want to SHOW YOUR BRAND in a way that sets you apart from your competition?

Do you want to EXPAND YOUR CLIENT DATABASE and engage more with your prospects?

Do you want to SHOW OFF YOUR BUSINESS and its dedication to delivering a superior product or service?

We can deliver high quality, commercial photography to your own brief, or we can help you to develop an idea to fit with your existing brand.


Kev Timmons


By telling the story of your business with fantastic BRAND AWARE PHOTOGRAPHY, we can show your customers the size, scale and diversity of your operation.

We guarantee to show the culture and brand of your company.  With fantastic headshots and team images that introduce your team, your clients will be encouraged to get in touch and get to know you. Our superior photographs of your products, processes and business premises will highlight your brand and set it apart from others.

Our commercial photography has helped clients to increase their sales and the value of their products and services through the use of creative, contemporary images, unique to them.

With 36 years experience in the photographic industry and 25+ of those years working commercially with Photoshop, we can also offer a very high standard of image editing using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. This service can be rolled out to website builders, graphic designers and businesses who already have a library of images. From a small tweak to doing something totally different with the images, we can discuss different options that can be achieved.


✔ Great communication

✔We will become a part of your marketing team for the duration of the project and beyond

✔ 37 years experience within the commercial imaging sector

✔ Free consultation (usually at your premises)

✔ Guaranteed to work with you every step of the way

At Kevin Timmons Photography the emphasis is on having an efficient, friendly and professional experience. If you are another business looking for commercial advertising or PR images for your website, social media or printed material then we can help.

Every one of our commercial photography sessions is unique. Whether you need product photography, headshot photographs of colleagues and employees, internal and external premises images or event photography, we can help. You may need one specific type of image or a combination of several. Whichever you require, you will be guided and consulted every step of the way to ensure that you get exactly what you need and that the experience you have with us is one to remember. (For all the right reasons!)