Increase Your Sales Through Professional Product Photography

by | Jun 18, 2019 | Articles

The challenge for most businesses when selling online or in print is being able to engage with their audience in a way that makes them stand out from their competitors. A visually engaging website, blog post or advert, with images taken by a professional photographer, will capture your clients attention far more than a long, wordy document.

A good commercial photographer will be able to create a photograph that appeals directly to consumer emotions. The image of the product should be one that your client feels they can virtually touch, smell or taste.

Research shows us that humans are very visual which means our brain will focus on imagery before reading words. It is therefore very important that we show our business products in a more visually engaging way. The well known 3 second rule, used in marketing, tells us that there is a small window of opportunity to capture the attention of the passing customer. Whether that is a shopper walking past a high street shop window, a reader flipping through a magazine, or a browser on the web, the imagery needs to jump out and make them react emotionally. You want them to feel – I want… I need… I must have that product now!

A professional product photographer will help a business to create an image that can evoke the feelings that drive a purchase in this way. They will create a style that suits the product and the business brand by choosing the right lens, correct lighting, suitable backgrounds, props and orientation. There is no substitute for a well thought out image with the correct balance of lighting, appropriate angles and composition.

Even for those businesses that require a simple white background for online selling through sites such as Amazon or Ebay, a stunning image can be crafted and created to the same exacting standards.
A professional photographer can help you to create an amazing image of your products by working with you to create something special. They can work with art directors from an agency or with the client directly taking on the art directors role to help give you that “Big Brand Look without the Big Brand Budget”.

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